I went to Köln/Germany to attend the exhibition called “ISM”.  It is my 8 times in Köln :-)
International Sweets Messe, sounds exciting?
ISM 2015 6

ISM 2015 5
Chocolate aroma makes me very happy!
Even if you lost your way, you can enjoy to see a wonderful decorated booth everywhere!
Because, it is a wonderland!
ISM2015 2
Look this!!  Chocolate Mt.Fuji!! (No??)
And Chocolate Christmas tree but, it’s January!  Wrong season or the head start on the season??  Anyway, as I told you, here is wonderland, lol…
ISM 2015 3
↑ The booth of “Vicenzi” from Italy (my favorite country!).  The delicated puff pastry with sweet cream filling!
Luckily, Vicenzi products are available in Japan too so, let’s try to find it at the shop!
Of course, I did not forget to taste it at their booth without any fail :-)
ISM 2015 4
Cute vintage tin @ Ricola from Switzerland

Last few years, we cannot see many changing of the exhibitors and the items.
However, there are some new items and ideas are risen if you have a wide and different sights in your own.
We visit there several times at different day/time, somehow, we can find something that we have never seen.

After finishing an exhibition, we are exhausted but, it is more than pleased to find the product which is perfect for Japanese market!!!
And, on my way back to Japan, I am so excited about an idea how to proceed with the product!
Now, I am ready to go for new season with new idea!